A New View into Your Flickr Contacts’ Activity

This site arose out of a late-night idea about the way Flickr presents photos. We've all become used to the way the web feeds us new images constantly, like visual junk food. While the single-shot aesthetic is striking and has its uses, it also strips away any context a photograph might have in the larger body of work by its creator.

How do you see new work by your contacts on Flickr? I think most people, like me, just go to their Contacts page and look at it for a few seconds, scanning for something that catches your eye. Not really the ideal way of presenting your work to the world.

But Flickr isn't organized to feature collections of photographs, that's not their philosophy. Photos combine to create an exceptional narrative don't get the attention they deserve, because the individual photographs don't necessarily stand out on their own. That gave me an idea; if I used some code I had laying around for another Flickr project, I could filter out the "photo dailies" by querying your contacts' recent photos, removing any photos that didn't belong to a set, and displaying the sets instead of the individual photos. The result is F4 Setr - Photos in Context.

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I hope you find it useful. Please use the help forum to report bugs or suggest features.

Remember, this is a BETA launch, so don't expect perfection quite yet.

Currently running F4 Setr version beta-1.2
This site is not-for-profit and will never share any of your personal data with a 3rd party.

Skye Nott, May 2009
(iamskye @ Flickr)